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Decentralized Premium Content Exchange Protocol

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Contents Protocol

Contents Protocol is a decentralized premium content exchange protocol on which Content Provider, Platform, and User can sustainably coexist and cooperate.

Over the last 6 years, WATCHA Inc. has attracted 3.8M users with 380M reviews while providing WATCHA, WATCHA PLAY, WATCHA MUSIC, and WATCHA WEBTOON services in South Korea and Japan


    Provide personalized content recommendation based on user’s rating of movie, TV series, animation, variety show, documentary, book, and comics.


    Paid Subscription VOD service on which users can watch movie, TV series, animation, variety show, and documentary

    MVP Tested

    Unlimited music streaming service

    MVP Tested

    Comics recommendation, review and viewing service

Movie, TV, Book, Anime Review & Recommendation Service

380,000,000+ Rating & Review
100+ ratings per user. 300,000+ ratings collected each day.
2,500,000+ App Downloads
700,000+ MAU
Rated at 4.7/5 on AppStore
8600+ Ratings
Supports Korean & Japanese
English Ver. Coming Soon

Paid Subscription VOD Service - Movie, TV Series, etc.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Official Partner
3-month free voucher offering to 2018 Galaxy S9 Customer in KR
2,000,000+ App Downloads
for mobile apps only
Avg 18+ hours Viewing A Month
per each subscriber
70%+ Retention
monthly paid subscription retention
Preloaded on Samsung/LG Smart TV
also partnered with Google Chromecast, CJ Viewing & KT Telebee set-top box

Strength in Business & Product

Relationships with Content Providers

Content licensing deals with about 50 global and local content providers including HBO, Disney, Sony Pictures, Fox Network Group, BBC, CJ E&M, Lotte Ent., MBC, JTBC, Showbox, NEW, etc.

“Best App of The Year” (KR)
2016-17, Watcha Play / 2015 Watcha
“Best App of The Year” (KR)
2016, Watcha Play / 2013-14 Watcha
Recognized Product

Winner of ‘Best App of the Year’ on both Apple App Store and Google Play between 2013 and 2017.

Ranked No. 19 for the combined total revenue on Apple app Store and Google Play in 2017, according to AppAnnie.

How it Works

Decentralization of the conventional distribution channel that connects creators and consumers. Contents Protocol enables distribution margin, which used to belong to centralized platforms, to be shared fairly and transparently among the network contributors such as creators and consumers, according to their contribution.

how it workshow it works
  • 0

    Share of the inflation pool based on the contribution to the ecosystem, defined by Platform Contribution Measuring Engine

  • 1

    A high proportion of license fee & transparent transaction by smart contract

  • 2

    Rewards based on the contribution, measured by C&DC Engine

How it Works


In order to speed up the expansion of the Contents Protocol Ecosystem, 
the Corporation will launch an open source reference platform for each content category of TV, Music, Comics, and E-Books, reducing barriers for potential content platform operators to do business in our ecosystem.

In the beginning, the Corporation will either develop a reference platform from ground up or acquire an existing platform and convert it to a reference platform.

For a more vibrant Contents Protocol Ecosystem in the early stage, the Corporation, as an accelerator, may either recruit candidates or invest in and/or acquire existing 3rd party platform operators.

How it Works

Token Distribution

Token distribution

* Each platform decides its C&DC indexes at its disposal.

How it Works

Rewarding Users


Automatically staked to the content

  • • 10%* of the payment for a content is immediately converted to CP Power and deposited in the content's staking pool.
  • • Users can boost their compensations by increasing their stakes of CP Power in a content.

User compensation is 
based on the contribution to the network, measured by:

  • • Quantity of CP Power staked in the content and the platform (log scale*)
  • • Contribution score for promoting content or platform outside the platform
  • • Contribution score for content reviewing activities
  • • Contribution score for providing purchasing & rating data to the recommendation engine.
* Each platform decides its C&DC indexes at its disposal.
How it Works

Fair and Reasonable Deal Offered to Content Providers

Complying with the established rules in the industry, Contents Protocol Platforms can offer a better deal than traditional platforms.

Traditional PlatformContents Protocol Platforms
Payment CurrencyFIATFIATCPT
Payment CycleMonth / Next MonthMonth / Next MonthReal time
License Fee Rate30-70%75%+80%+
Payment TransparencyBlack BoxSmart ContractSmart Contract

For content providers, license fee ratio of Contents Protocol Platform is more favorable than that of the traditional centralized platforms. On Contents Protocol, platform’s operating cost is sourced from the inflation pool, while the distribution margin that used to belong to the platforms is fairly and transparently distributed to content providers and users.

Content providers have an alternative to the traditional license fee payment system. Content providers may choose to be paid real time in CPT Tokens through a fair and transparent smart contract, which encourages a rapid expansion of the Contents Protocol ecosystem.

In addition, content providers can receive bonus license fee by making a stake on the Platform.

How it Works


Why they care
Content Provider

Content providers have two options. With the conventional practice, they can get license fee in fiat via a smart contract, which ensures transparency. When content provider choose to get paid with CPT Token, they can receive license fee on a real time basis, while also getting bonus license fee by staking to platform. Either way, Content providers are benefited from much more favorable license fee ratio.

Why they care

What matters to content provider is to reduce unreasonably high commission charged by platforms and to increase license fee ratio allocated to them. Recurring license fee payment also matters in that content providers are obliged to make a payment to their sub-licensors.

General User

When users pay for a content, a certain percentage of payment is automatically staked in the content staking pool, which accordingly generates rewards (the earlier, the more). They can get rewarded for just using Contents Protocol Platform, which is operated in the same way as centralized platforms, even with fiat, without having any prior knowledge about cryptocurrency.

Why they care

What general users want is easy-to-use, stable service and rewards that can be easily given and used without having any prior knowledge about cryptocurrency.

Heavy User Expert User

Heavy/expert users can have multiple reward streams on the Contents Protocol ecosystem. More CRP will be staked into the content staking pool when the users pay for a content with CPT token instead of fiat and when users want to make an additional staking on promising contents. In addition, users can get additionally rewarded for becoming platform evangelist, reviewing content, curating content and promoting content outside the platform, etc.

Why they care

As the token economy penetrates into every corner of the real economy, heavy/expert users would want to get rewarded fairly for their efforts to create values in the ecosystem and thus choose a protocol providing such rewards.

Platform Operator

Platforms can be operated with little development resources, harnessing open sources such as high-quality platforms and CMS interface. Platform operators receive revenues from the inflation pool. Furthermore, platform operators can start to do their business without having any prior relationship with content providers as the foundation plays a role in connecting with each other.

Why they care

Many existing content platforms are not performing well in terms of product quality, failing to live up to the market’s expectations*, as operating a paid content platform requires a high level of development capability.

Apple App Store Rating : 
WATCHA PLAY (4.5), Oksusu (2.5) Olleh TV mobile (1.8) LG UFLIX (1.8), Pooq (3.0)


At each stage of the roadmap, the Corporation will first launch an open source reference platform. Then, the Corporation will source 3rd party platform operators.

  • 2018

    Transactional VOD

    Reference platform: WATCHA TV

  • 2018

    Subscription VOD

    Reference platform: WATCHA PLAY

  • 2019

    Subscription MUSIC

    Reference platform: WATCHA MUSIC

  • 2019

    Transactional WEBTOON, WEBNOVEL

    Reference platform: WATCHA FUN

  • 2019

    Transactional E-Book

    Reference platform: WATCHA BOOK

  • 2019

    Integrated Subscription

Token Allocation

token allocation
  • Biz-Dev (Contents)
  • Token Sale
  • Community Building
  • Company & Team
  • Reserved
  • Advisor
  • Copyright Management
  • Old User Distribution &Bounty
  • Biz-Dev (Platform Investment)

In order to encourage participation in the Contents Protocol ecosystem in the early phase, tokens are allocated to existing users of WATCHA and WATCHA PLAY on condition that they apply for bounty program.


Major Investors

  • David Lee
    Managing Partner at Refactor Capital
    Former Managing Partner at SV Angel, which invested in Airbnb, Snap, Github, Slack, Stripe, Pinterest, Dropbox, Oscar Health, Climate Corporation, Flatiron Health, etc.
  • Hashed
    Blockchain project focused accelerator and investor which invested in KyberNetwork, OmiseGO, EOS, WAX, aelf, Storm, Quantstamp, ICON, Medibloc, etc.
  • Signum Capital
    A Singapore-based firm that exclusively consults in Blockchain-enabled companies
  • Arrington XRP Capital
    A digital asset management firm in blockchain-based capital markets. The firm is launched by Michael Arrington, the founder of Tech Crunch.
  • Kakao Ventures (Equity)
    South Korea’s leading VC founded by Brian Kim (Founder of Kakao) and Jimmy Rim (CEO of Kakao) Key Portfolio: Upbit(Dunamu), Coinone, etc.
  • XSQ
  • Strong Genesis
  • dAlchemy
  • Block Crafters Capital
  • Neoply
  • Foundation X
  • BC Labs


  • Teddy Zee
    Former EVP, Columbia Pictures
    Former SVP, Paramount Pictures
    Member of Oscars, Emmys & Producers Guild of America Former President, Overbrook Films (Sony Pictures) Former President, Davis Entertainment (Fox) Harvard Business School MBA, Cornell University BS
  • Simon seojoon kim
    CEO of Hashed
    Venture Partner at SoftBank Ventures Former Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder of KnowRe POSTECH Computer Science and Engineering
  • Shuan Djie
    Co-founder of DigixGlobal
    Co-founding DigixGlobal, the first Ethereum DAPP Founder of Ethereum Singapore Meetup Group Singapore Management Univ. Business Management
  • Ryan Sungho Kim
    CAO of Hashed
    Former Co-Founder of Looket,Inc. KAIST Electrical Engineering
  • Lim Hong Zhuang
    CEO of XSQ
    Serial Entrepreneur Former MD at Pac - Fung Agora Pte Ltd Singapore Management Univ.Quantitative Finance and Social Science.
  • Jun Kim
    Partner of Kakao Ventures
    Serial Entrepreneur Former Manager at CJ Holdings, SK Communications Seoul National Univ.Nuclear Engineering
  • Junghee Cho
    Partner at Shin&Kim (Sejong) law firm
    Attorney at law (Blockchain Specialist) Columbia Univ.School of Law(LL.M.)


  • Taehoon Park
    CEO, Co-founder
  • Alex Jihyun Won
    COO, Co-founder
  • Teddy Zee
    Head of Content Relations
  • Teddy Lee
    Lead Mobile Developer,
  • Buzz Jung
    Lead Backend Engineer
  • John Kim
    Head of Investment
  • Matthew Yun
    Lead Machine Learning R&D
  • Tim Lee
    Machine Learning R&D,
  • James Lee
    Global Business Developer
  • Chloe Chai
    Global Business Developer
  • Liz Yoo
    Lead Marketer
  • Jason Kim
    Lead Business Developer
  • Jake Kim
    R&D Engineer
  • Paul Keam
    R&D Engineer
  • Reid Jo
    Infrastructure Engineer
  • John Do
    Backend Engineer
  • Gray Shin
    Backend Engineer
  • Pene Higashihara
    Global Business Developer
  • Lynn Jeon
    Global Business Developer
  • Hugh Song
    Mobile Developer
  • Jade Seo
    Mobile Developer
  • Elaine Shin
    Mobile Developer
  • Beejay Jung
    Web Developer
  • Bran Kim
    Web Developer
  • Dora Seo
    Database Manager
  • Ben Park
    UX Designer / Frontend Engineer
  • Theo Kim
    UX Designer
  • Daisy Kim
    PM Associate
  • Luke Moon
    Contents Manager
  • Thelma Kim
    Contents Manager
  • Kevin Choi
    Business Developer
  • Lucy Kim
  • Nick Han
  • Dave Cho
    Community Manager
  • Green Kim
    Community Manager
  • Esther Jang
    HR Manager