Decentralized Protocol to Revitalize the Premium Content Industry

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Contents Protocol

Through Contents Protocol, content distribution platforms will be able to (1) provide transparency to user data and insight to the Content Providers, which will help them create better content in the future (2) incentivize the Users for their activities and contribution, which will encourage them to become more active consumers in the industry

Over the last 6 years, WATCHA Inc. has attracted 4.5 Million users with 400M reviews while providing WATCHA, WATCHA PLAY, WATCHA MUSIC, and WATCHA WEBTOON services in South Korea and Japan


    Provide personalized content recommendation based on user’s rating of movie, TV series, animation, variety show, documentary, book, and comics.


    Paid Subscription VOD service on which users can watch movie, TV series, animation, variety show, and documentary

    MVP Tested

    Unlimited music streaming service

    MVP Tested

    Comics recommendation, review and viewing service

Movie, TV, Book, Anime Review & Recommendation Service

400,000,000+ Rating & Review
100+ ratings per user. 300,000+ ratings collected each day.
2,500,000+ App Downloads
700,000+ MAU
Rated at 4.6/5 on AppStore
8600+ Ratings
Supports Korean & Japanese & English
Global version out now! ( iOS / Android )

Paid Subscription VOD Service - Movie, TV Series, etc.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Official Partner
3-month free voucher offering to 2018 Galaxy S9 Customer in KR
2,000,000+ App Downloads
for mobile apps only
Avg 18+ hours Viewing A Month
per each subscriber
70%+ Retention
monthly paid subscription retention
Preloaded on Samsung/LG Smart TV
also partnered with Google Chromecast, CJ Viewing & KT Telebee set-top box

Strength in Business & Product

Relationships with Content Providers

Content licensing deals with about 60 global and local content providers including HBO, Disney, Sony Pictures, Fox Network Group, BBC, CJ E&M, Lotte Ent., MBC, JTBC, Showbox, NEW, etc.

“Best App of The Year” (KR)
2016-17, Watcha Play / 2015 Watcha
“Best App of The Year” (KR)
2016, Watcha Play / 2013-14 Watcha
Recognized Product

Winner of ‘Best App of the Year’ on both Apple App Store and Google Play between 2013 and 2017.

Ranked No. 19 for the combined total revenue on Apple app Store and Google Play in 2017, according to AppAnnie.

The Value We Provide

The Value We Provide

Rewarding Users

The Value We Provide

Data Share with Content Provider

The Value We Provide


In order to speed up the expansion of the Contents Protocol Ecosystem, 
the Corporation will launch an open source reference platform for each content category of TV, Music, Comics, and E-Books, reducing barriers for potential content platform operators to do business in our ecosystem.

In the beginning, the Corporation will either develop a reference platform from ground up or acquire an existing platform and convert it to a reference platform.

For a more vibrant Contents Protocol Ecosystem in the early stage, the Corporation, as an accelerator, may either recruit candidates or invest in and/or acquire existing 3rd party platform operators.


  • 2018 4Q
    • Contents Protocol Whitepaper Release
    • TGE
    • Public Token Sale
  • 2019 1Q
    • CPT listed on UPbit
    • Distributed CPT rewards to WATCHA and WATCHA PLAY users
    • Partnership with JTBC
  • 2019 2Q
    • CPT Store launch
    • CPT listed on CoinMarketCap
    • CPT listed on Coinone, Bittrex International
    • Data Dashboard Planning
  • 2019 3Q
    • Partnership with MBC
    • Data Dashboard Development
    • WATCHA CPT Sign Update
  • 2019 4Q
    • Data Dashboard Development
    • Local and Global Partnership
  • 2020
    • Local and Global Partnership
    • Data Dashboard v1.0

Token Allocation

Total Token Supply: 10,000,000,000 CPT

token allocation
  • Biz-Dev (Contents)
  • Token Sale
  • Community Building
  • Company & Team
  • Reserved
  • Advisor
  • Copyright Management
  • Old User Distribution &Bounty
  • Biz-Dev (Platform Investment)

In order to encourage participation in the Contents Protocol ecosystem in the early phase, tokens are allocated to existing users of WATCHA and WATCHA PLAY on condition that they apply for bounty program.

Officially Listed Exchange



David Lee
Managing Partner at Refactor Capital

Former Managing Partner at SV Angel, which invested in Airbnb, Snap, Github, Slack, Stripe, Pinterest, Dropbox, Oscar Health, Climate Corporation, Flatiron Health, etc.


  • Teddy Zee
    Former EVP, Columbia Pictures
    Former SVP, Paramount Pictures
    Member of Oscars, Emmys & Producers Guild of America Former President, Overbrook Films (Sony Pictures) Former President, Davis Entertainment (Fox) Harvard Business School MBA, Cornell University BS
  • Simon Seojoon Kim
    CEO of Hashed
    Venture Partner at SoftBank Ventures Former Chief Product Officer & Co-Founder of KnowRe POSTECH Computer Science and Engineering
  • Prabhakar Reddy
    Investor at Accel Partners
    Former CEO & Co-Founder of nFusion and CEO of Dramatize (Both acquired by BookMyShow, an online video streaming platform that scaled into the top 100 websites in the world) Harvard Business School MBA
  • Shuan Djie
    Co-founder of DigixGlobal
    Co-founding DigixGlobal, the first Ethereum DAPP Founder of Ethereum Singapore Meetup Group Singapore Management Univ. Business Management
  • Ryan Sungho Kim
    CAO of Hashed
    Former Co-Founder of Looket,Inc. KAIST Electrical Engineering
  • Fong Jek Gan
    Founding Managing Partner of Jubilee Capital
    Board Director of e27 (Optimatic) Board Director of Latipay Executive Committee Member and Treasurer of Singapore Venture Capital & Private Equity Association Former SVP and Head of Corporate Development and M&A of MNC Media Investment Ltd
  • Jun Kim
    Partner of Kakao Ventures
    Serial Entrepreneur Former Manager at CJ Holdings, SK Communications Seoul National Univ.Nuclear Engineering
  • Junghee Cho
    Partner at Shin&Kim (Sejong) law firm
    Attorney at law (Blockchain Specialist) Columbia Univ.School of Law (LL.M.)